Thursday, 3 April 2014


A quick one today on the old blog.  I'm off to Mallorca tomorrow for a weeks long distant swimming coaching with Swim Trek. Well I say tomorrow, but only just.  I have to get up at 3.30am to catch a 6.00am flight, so with getting all my cosmetics through customs I need to allow plenty of time.

I'm a bit nervous too.  I am one of those crushingly insecure people who assumes that everyone is much better than them, so I am assuming that all the people there will be insanely good swimmers for whom crossing the Channel will be like doing 60 lengths in the public baths.  I have visions of long swims and all these shit hot people having to wait around the corners of coves, or whatever you get in Mallorca, for weak boy to catch up.  Just my default setting.

One of the guys who is training us is called Kevin Murphy and he has swam the Channel 34 times.  I bet I can teach him a thing or two.....When he gives advice I must remember to talk over him using my experience to illustrate why I disagree.  See how quickly I can become the most hated member of the swimming group.

The water temperature out there is not so high.  I have heard it's 13 or 14 degrees.  One of the aims of the week is to get a 6 hour sea swim in.  This is a pre-requisite of swimming the Channel. No boat will take me over unless I have done this, so it will build my confidence if I can do this without a wetsuit, even though I intend to swim the Channel wearing a wetsuit (and lipstick).

NO doubt you will be glued to your seats awaiting my update next week, but in the meantime it's time for the Friday swim song.  I'm still gutted about that Eels song that has been purged from the internet.

This week's little bit of naughtiness is very apt.  Frightened Rabbit are a Scottish Indie band that people my age haven't heard of, but should have done as this music will not threaten them. The song is Swim Until you Can't See Land. That's a tip I need to follow in September.

So for your delectation; Frightened Rabbit

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